Blogs must offer valuable and original content

. The main difference between static websites and blogs is that blogs are updated frequently and that content is the life blood of blogs. Content is the number one way to attract and convert visitors into subscribers,7 Steps to Increase Website and Blog Traffic Articles or regular returning visitors. No matter the subject of your blog make sure your content is relevant, valuable and informative and the site and blog traffic will come.

2. Article marketing is a great way to get website and blog traffic. Write articles related to your blog topic and website and submit them to severalĀ  pappablogt article sites, like this one! In the resource box leave two links, one to the home page of your blog or website and another to your best posts and sub web pages. Interchange the links with each article you write.

These backlinks are also good for SEO and getting higher search engine rankings for your blog for more blog traffic.

3. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get website and blog traffic. Many times bloggers just title their posts at random, and the same with sub pages of websites, this is a big mistake. Keyword research should be done for each post title and page of your site.

Use good keywords in the title and at about a five percent density throughout each post/page so your blog and website pages will be all over the Search Engine Page Results – SERPS for their respective keywords and this can bring tons of traffic from the search engines, especially Google.

When researching the keywords choose those that have less competition. With lower competition you will have a better chance of ranking higher in the SERPS and get more traffic.

4. Use social bookmark sites to promote your blogs and websites and get more traffic. Social sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit, have huge memberships and traffic and posting your content to these sites can bring you tons of blog traffic.

There are over 100 social sites and they are great for networking. Make sure to also have a widget at the end of each of your posts and website content pages so your visitors can submit and vote on your content on these sites.